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PageScope Web Connection
Web-based Printer Monitoring.
Included with all Konica Minolta network rinters.

PageScope Web Connection is a web-based printer monitoring functionality built into all Ethernet-equipped printers from Konica Minolta. Embedded in each printer’s controller, PageScope Web Connection is accessed through each user’s web browser (regardless of computing platform). PageScope Web Connection enables users of Konica Minolta printers to see current status of printer settings, consumable levels, job status, and much more. All without leaving their desks!



Discover the current status of a Konica Minolta network printer

Discover the current default settings of a Konica Minolta network printer
Change a default setting (password-protected)
List the last five to ten jobs printed
Display the levels of all consumables in easy-to-read “gas gauge” style
Print test pages
Connect directly to Konica Minolta corporate technical support web pages



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