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Windows Vista
Please refer to the chart bellow for a full listing of
Windows Vista compatible printers and printer driver/PPD downloads.

Printer Model Available on
Available from KONICA MINOLTA Digitally Signed Compatible XP Driver Windows Vista Certified Driver
2060 Print System (more info)      
2425 Print System (more info)      
3260 Print System (more info)      
4032 Print System (more info)      
4060 Print System (more info)      
magicolor 2 (more info)      
magicolor 2+  (more info)      
magicolor 2200 (more info)      
magicolor 2200DL   (more info)    
magicolor 2210   (more info)    
magicolor 2300L
(32 bit only)
  (more info)    
magicolor 2300W   (more info) Planned
(32 bit only)
magicolor 2350 (more info)      
magicolor 2400W   (more info)    
magicolor 2430DL    (more info)    
magicolor 2450 (more info)      
magicolor 2480MF   (more info)    
magicolor 2490MF   (more info)    
magicolor 2530DL   (more info)    
magicolor 2500W   (more info)   Planned
magicolor 2550   (more info)    
magicolor 330 (more info)      
magicolor 3100   (more info)    
magicolor 3300 (more info)      
magicolor 5430DL   (more info)   Planned
magicolor 5440DL   (more info)   Planned
magicolor 5450 (more info)     Planned
magicolor 5550   (more info)   Planned
magicolor 5570   (more info)   Planned
magicolor 6100 (more info)      
magicolor 6100DL   (more info)    
magicolor 6110 (more info)      
magicolor 7300 (more info)      
magicolor 7450 (more info)     Planned
PagePro 1100 (more info)      
PagePro 1200W   (more info)    
PagePro 1250W   (more info)    
PagePro 1250E   (more info)    
PagePro 1350W   (more info) Planned
(32 bit only)
PagePro 1380MF   (more info)    
PagePro 1390MF   (more info)    
PagePro 1400W   (more info)    
PagePro 4100 (more info)      
PagePro 9100 (more info)      

Click Here
if your printer is not listed above. 

Note: This information is subject to change without prior notification. Unless otherwise noted, this table is applicable for both Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit editions.

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